Monday, June 11, 2018


The world is changing and solar energy is playing a big part in that change. 

Currently, according to net-metering guidelines issued in some states, not only do your bills get discounted but at the end of the financial year, the power company has to pay you for the extra units of energy your panel generates.
This is one of the benefits that people are really taking a liking to. 

I recently posted about this in an article titled, "Want to reduce electricity bills by 70% this summer? Go Solar."  That really explained how things are working now with Net-metering and battery storage. I believe that you'll find this article very informative. 
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Every day, I'm seeing new articles and more news happening concerning solar energy. City after City is signing on to renewable energy. In recent days, it was even posted that All of California will be required to go solar on all new homes, starting in 2020.  This just after Miami, Florida made a similar law back in November of 2017. The question I have on my mind the most is this... What is holding some people back? The time is now! The incentives are going away soon. So to me, it only makes sense that if you can go solar right now; do it! The cost to switch will be going up at the end of 2019 as the incentives go down. In just a few years the solar funding and incentives will all be gone. So, does it make sense to wait? The answer is a flat out NO!

If you wait, and the incentives go away, then most likely, not only will you potentially lose out on saving thousands of dollars but then you may also be required to switch anyway. At least that's how it's looking from where I'm sitting.

Right now, Washington state has one of the lower costs of energy from the utilities and one of the best incentive programs for solar. and right now, folks are saving around 80% of the total cost of there system. For most, this means thousands and to some, even tens of thousands. 

To many, it's not just about the savings potential, but instead, it's also about the control and predictability! Knowing that fossil-fuels are never going down, and in fact, prices for fuels are increasing 4% nationwide each year. Who wouldn't want to lock in their rates? And when their system is paid off... Boom... No more electricity costs!

Here is my personal favorite. By switching to solar, you are removing about 4500lbs of co2 from your home each month. Lessening your carbon footprint. It's literally a win, win, win for everyone!

So if you're thinking about going solar, do wait, and get informed on the facts. 

Dave Brown

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